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Hormones. Pain. Weight. Sleep. Stress. Fibromyalgia. Anxiety. Depression. 

No Energy. Fatigue. Arthritis. 

High Blood Pressure. Thyroid. Adrenals.

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Dr. Lori Puškar


I am a “forty-something” wife and mother, who is a peer of yours, and understands exactly what you are going through.

I know you want to prevent any health issues, stay free from diseases, and avoid medications if at all possible.

My goal is to be the Natural Doctor you trust to help you 

Look and Feel Better 

Safely and Naturally 

without Medications!

If you are serious about doing something for it now, then 

there is hope...and I can help.

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Tailor-Made Health


There are reasons why no one has been able to handle your health problems.

That is because there are no 2 cases of ill health that are caused by exactly the same thing. 

You are as individual in your health as you are in your in genetics.  

Knowing this, allows for a tailor-made natural health program to be designed specifically for you that actually works!

This is THE SECRET to finally 

eliminating your health problems once and for all.

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Organic Natural Products


The average woman puts 

over 500 chemicals 

on and in her body every day.

We offer only 

Organic & Natural product lines, 

both internally and topically, 

that can reduce your chemical risk to almost 0%.

Many people underestimate the efficacy of high-quality ingredients in promoting true health.  

Our dedication to quality will lead the way to getting you well 

Faster, Easier and Efficiently.  

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Why do Women Love Dr. Lori?

The best promotion is happy, healthy patients. 

Read some of our successes from women just like you!

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